Who are we?

The Coöperatieve Vereniging Treeport Zundert U.A. (hereafter: Treeport) works on initiatives, executes projects, and organises activities that contribute to a healthy and balanced tree nursery industry in the West-Brabant region.
The Treeport members carry a torch for the tree nursery industry in the West of Brabant and the Northern Kempen (B).

At the moment, approximately 130 tree nurseries, suppliers, advisers, and other companies related to the tree nursery industry are a member or friend of the organisation. Thanks to their cooperation, they make the region - with Zundert as its flourishing centre - the most attractive tree nursery area of Europe. Treeport is nationally and internationally active, on a multidisciplinary level. The synergy between all parties results in the best products and services.