How it started

Zundert in West Brabant is a special centre for tree nurseries. Producers, (mechanical) processing companies, transporters, and traders have formed - partly because of the geographic positioning, the size, and the product assortment - a strong regional, national, and international agricultural cluster.  There are reasons that this cluster is the most important employer and economic pillar of the municipality of Zundert.
This has not always been the case: up until 2006, most tree nurseries were on a kind of solo journey, which was not always very effective for the region. Unfamiliarity or lack of commitment resulted in finding out the same things, the same way, at the same time, at different places. To create a better future, in 2006 it was decided to join forces of a number of tree nurseries, the municipality of Zundert, and other stakeholders. In 2008, this cooperation resulted in the entrepreneur association 'Treeport Zundert', a public private cooperation between entrepreneurs and the municipality. A cooperation with the ambition to further strengthen the entire agricultural cluster, and to make it a fixed posture in the area.
The Majeur Project was coupled with the public private cooperation. In 2014, this Majeur Project was completed with enthusiasm, because of the great results and the way Treeport turned to a new future with a newly founded cooperative association.