What do we do?

Treeport turns West Brabant into the most attractive tree nursery area of Europe.
To realise that goal, Treeport works on initiatives and supports activities. All these initiatives and activities are related to one or more of the main themes of Treeport, which are:

  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Growing and Technique
  • Company and Entrepreneur
Examples of projects that currently fall within these projects are:
  • Nursery Stock Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus
  • National and international trade fairs
  • Regional promotion
  • Assortment selection
  • TP materials
  • Green Deal
  • Bird damage
  • Lengthening of seasons
  • Pest Free Area
  • Mechanical weed control
  • Communication grower-trade
  • Practical education
  • Labour exchange
  • Master class
  • Agro biodiversity

Even though the tree nursery industry plays an important part in the Treeport activities, the work field of the organisation is not limited to this industry, Other related subjects, such as environment, tourism, labour, and sustainability are taken into account. Those issues also play a part in realising the 'most attractive tree nursery area'.

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